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Hungarian Mudi Pin - White

Hungarian Mudi Pin - White

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Designed with the input of breed owners, this hard enamel pin celebrates the enthusiasm and intensity of the Hungarian Mudi!

This pin is 38mm wide features gold metal plating and is affixed by two butterfly clutches attached to metal posts.

Produced as a small batch and based on my original artwork. Enamel pins are highly versatile; they serve as an eye-catching accessory, a collectible art piece and a timeless way to showcase your interests.

Lightweight and easy to transport, my pins are also popular among breed clubs and charities. They're perfect as a judge gift, fundraising incentive or a way to show your team spirit at events.

This item is unsuitable for young children. Please note that pins also come with free rubber pin-back (or one pin-back for smaller pins) which contains latex. If you are allergic to latex please email me before ordering to request removal.


Materials: Hard enamel & metal

Thickness: 1.5mm

Length: See image description.

Each pin is unique and carefully inspected for flaws. As these are hand-finished items, there may be slight differences in the metal plating.


I've put together this care guide as my hope is that you can enjoy your pin for many years. Feel free to email me with any questions!


With proper care, a pin displayed at home can be enjoyed for a lifetime!

Display your pin in a dry environment and avoid direct contact with sunlight, water, cream and other liquids.


I recommend purchasing deluxe locking pin-backs if you are going to wear your pin often. This is especially true if your pin will experience a lot of movement and friction.

The majority of my pins have two backing posts which minimises the risk of loss. Please inspect hardware regularly.

With that said, I wear my own pins every day using just the butterfly clutches! They are perfectly sufficient if you follow the tips below:

Inspect hardware and ensure clutches are secure before each use.

Butterfly clutches can be accidentally pressed and released, so affix your pin to a surface which will experience minimal friction and contact such as a lapel.

While the pin itself is durable, the clutch itself is a delicate mechanism and can become loosened by frequent use. Please reposition the pin sparingly so as to minimise wear.

Alternatively, additional clutches are available for purchase at most hobby and craft stores.


Please clean sparingly so as to minimise wear from handling!

Dip the corner of a microfibre cloth into a solution of lukewarm water mixed with mild soap.

Wring out excess water, then gently clean the surface of the pin.

Dip another corner in clean, non-soapy water and use to gently rinse the pin.

Use the rest of the cloth to thoroughly dry the pin.


Orders sent from Scotland using 100% recyclable packaging. The buyer is responsible for any import fees which may apply to non-UK orders.

EU CUSTOMERS: Etsy automatically collects VAT at the checkout and transmits the fact you've paid to your customs office. You can order from me but I recommend Etsy.

For more information, costs and delivery times, please see my shipping page.

I'd love to see your pin in it's new home! Find me on Instagram as @keilidh.bradley and Facebook as Keilidh Bradley Art.

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